Find out why AUE is consistently rated #1 in the Bay Area. Read our success stories below.

Why We Make Our Customers Smile.

"AUE is an amazing ally in the tough Bay Area real estate market. They helped me and my investing partner acquire a property in one offer."

"AUE has top rate knowledge of the lending industry. They managed my refi without a hitch and I always knew what to expect throughout the process."

“AUE helped my wife and I buy our first home. We were amazed with how efficient they were in finding us a lender that have fewer requirements than the banks, and they secured the loan that gave us our first place. I’m planning on getting my elderly parents a retirement home in the future, and I have no doubt I’ll be calling on AUE once more.”

Amity Li

“I am a Real Estate Broker and have been working with AUE for about 10 years probably. They have done loans for lots of my clients as well as myself. They never failed me on one loan, and they always speaks the truth. I highly recommend AUE to all who are looking to buy a home or refinance.”

Kate Fomina

“AUE took the time to explain the process, timeline and answer all my questions. They gave me a numbers estimate on day one and we closed without any surprises. I recommended them to friends doing a home purchase loan and they also had a great experience. I’m glad to have an expert to rely on for my mortgage needs and to confidently refer to my network.”

Carolina Altamirano

“AUE is awesome! They explained everything and made sure we felt comfortable at every step. They also reached out periodically as the interest rates dropped precipitously last year and helped us refi, saving us a ton of money on our monthly payments. They are extremely diligent, friendly, and trustworthy. We will use them forever!”

Zack Abbott

“AUE is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. They helped me with refinancing my residential home twice in the past two years. I am so happy with the service that I have recommended them to my family, friends and coworkers. Hopefully, the current refi rate goes lower; I would like to refi again with AUE!”

Wai-Yun Tam

We did a purchase and a refi with AUE. I recommended them to a few of my friends because they took good care of us. They are professional and always went above and beyond to close our deal. In fact, they were able to find us better rates than anyone I spoke to. I endorse their brokerage.”

Maya Serkova

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